Thursday, December 31, 2009

She's Here!!

Well I guess we're good at getting tax write offs instead of free diapers for the New Years baby. December 31st was Tyler's 6th birthday. We started the day off bright & early by welcoming our newest family member.

Annie Lyn Mailliard
December 31st
4:10 AM
18 inches
5 pounds

I have a great appreciation for medicinal technologies that can assist with pain. Unfortunately I didn't get to take advantage of any of that. That's not to say I didn't want any, just couldn't have any due to allergies. So she arrived entirely "drug free". It was an incredibly painful experience, but I have a new sense of what I can accomplish having gone through it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Growing....

I had another visit with the doc today. Aside from my continually dislocating & incredibly painful pelvis & frequent contractions, all is going well. I'm soooo ready for this baby to be here (except the fact of so much shopping left to do for her. I haven't even bought diapers yet!!), but apparently she is still not quite ready. I am only dilated 1 cm. I must remind myself we are lucky that she is still growing where it is best for her to be, whether I am insanely uncomfortable or not. For those of you too far away to enjoy seeing my ever growing bump, I have included a picture at 35 weeks. (It's even scarier underneath with the increasing number of stretch marks creeping higher each day.) Hopefully this will be the last update before we post some pics of our new little one :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Greatest Gifts

I have had a recurring theme enter my head the last few days, so I wanted to share, even though this is probably simply a lesson for me to remain positive in spite of pain.

The other day we were at the mall and Tyler wanted to visit Santa. He was given a coloring book by the helpers. On his way out of the mall he read the cover. It said, "You are the Greatest Gift." He didn't agree that he was a gift. We told him he absolutely is. He then said, "But I'm not a gift from Santa. I'm a gift from Jesus." I believe my greatest bits of knowledge and things that touch my heart the most come directly from my children.

Another gift I am so incredibly grateful for right now is my family. I love my family here, but this particular instance I wanted to mention my parents. They are amazing. They joined us for a wonderful Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of their vacation helping me clean my house & doing so many odd jobs that I haven't been able to do lately. This means more to me than they know.

Some of my friends from high school came by for a visit this week with their family, which was also a gift for me to see them again.

Finally, one more gift from this week. Due to a pipe bursting down the street, we had the water turned off for several hours. We called a family in our ward who was visiting their family in Vegas. They didn't hesitate for a moment to tell us we were welcome to use their home for water, showers, dinner, etc. My ward and especially the friends I've made in my ward have truly been a blessing in my life.

I have been searching for a video that I had a few months ago. A friend of mine again emailed it to me this week. The boys heard the song only once or twice months ago, but still sing it on occasion. It is a beautiful message. Please play the video below if you have a moment to enjoy it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Night

Have I ever mentioned what an awesome husband I have & what an amazing father he is? We had a rare opportunity last night of having Mike home from work while the kids were still awake. We took advantage of this moment by having a family night. Did I also mention Mike is a creative genius? Thank goodness...I never have the grand ideas that he does! For this family night we made temples out of sugar cubes (& a few other foods the boys decided to add). They had such a great time! Mike's creation is on the left, Tyler's in the middle, & Trenton's is on the left.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trenton's homework

Trenton had a writing assignment this week. His topic was: If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things from home would you miss most, and why? Usually, this kid is sooooo not into his writing assignments & will write only 1 or 2 lines...and that's stretching it. Today, I was quite proud and wanted to share his story. Here it is:

If I were stranded on a desert island what three things from home would I miss most and why? I would miss my mom, dad, and my little brother. I would miss them because they are my family and I love them. If I was stranded on an island by myself I would get my phone and call them and wait for them to get a boat and rescue me. If it was supposed to take them five hours and it took them eight hours then I would get my phone back out and call them again and ask what's taking them so long. If they said that they were stranded on another island that is about a mile away then I would get my swim suit on and swim all the way there. -by Trenton

Monday, September 21, 2009

Still a girl!

We went in for another doctor visit & another ultrasound today. We'll have the results of the ultrasound hopefully soon once the doc sees it. For now, we know it's STILL a girl! We were happy to have the reassurance of that. I think Trenton was especially grateful. He told me this morning it couldn't be a boy & he just knew it was a girl...he didn't want another brother!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A real boy...or a man??

Trenton was so excited yesterday when he said, "Mom, I'm finally like a real boy! I have armpit hair!" He tried to show me, but no matter how close I looked, I just couldn't see it. He was rather disappointed & promised that he saw some...even if it was really, really short. Amazing how it's so exciting at this point!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Hero, My Son

I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now & had to share. Maybe the hormones make that feeling a bit stronger right now, but either way, I'm incredibly grateful. Trenton & I were in the front yard pulling weeds this morning. I was actually feeling pretty good & wanted to get something done before it got too hot. After the rain last night, the weeds came out quite easily. I went to the backyard to throw some weeds in the dumpster. As I was walking back around to the front yard, Trenton came running to me from clear across the yard. At the time I thought I was fine. He said he just felt like he needed to give me a hug. He then looked at me and said, "Mom, are you ok?" I suddenly realized at that very moment how close I was to passing out. He helped me get to the porch to sit down. I could barely make it there even with his help. I can only imagine what would have happened had he not suddenly wanted to give me a hug in the middle of his weed pulling & been right there for me. I know he was inspired to be there at that moment for me. I know I never say it enough, but I love my kids! I am so grateful he listened & followed that feeling.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Belly & Baby Update

So far as we know, all is still well inside with the little one. They moved my due date back by 1 day (come on, seriously? 1 day?), so I haven't changed it on here. The doc did say that they didn't get a good enough view of the spine, so he ordered another ultrasound, scheduled for September 21st. For all you "belly watchers", here's the latest pic at 20 weeks.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anahera Gifts...Win!!

Not only do I love to enter for my chance to win something, but here's what makes that even sweeter....when it's something so dang cute & made by my friend. My cute friend is having is having a giveaway on her blog of adorable baby gifts that she makes. Check it out here:

Monday, August 17, 2009

The result is in!

After the many years being surround by 3 brothers & then 2 sons (who are such a joy, but we're feeling a little testosterone overload here!), we're finally expecting a GIRL in our family! I'll spare you all the bum shots. If you're still interested in the proof, I can send you the link ;) I have included one of her profile shots with her toes nearly touching her forehead.

We took the boys to see the ultrasound since they had never seen one before. Trenton was intrigued & I think Tyler was just in shock for awhile being in a doctor's office. First, she waved to us, which got quite the laugh. Then, she placed her little hand right between her legs to block our view, crossed her legs, and had the cord in the way. After convincing the tech she could poke away as much as necessary, we finally got a decent view. As Mike put it, "Something's missing". Later, Tyler thought that meant the baby was broken & was pretty worried. Once they realized everything is just right, Trenton said, "We got just what we wanted." It's so fun to see the boys excited for a sister.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tyler's writings to Grandma

My apologies to any of you who might be regular readers of this blog. I realize I'm way behind on posting anything. We are still alive. Nausea practically 24/7 with this new baby has kept me from being in the mood to do just about everything. Mike pointed out that it's time to post & suggested this since we got such a kick out of it.

A couple days ago, I was instant messing my mom on the computer & sending her messages from the boys. I then left the room & Tyler took over on the computer & decided to send a few messages on his own. Since not all of his messages may be completely clear as he spells phonetically & with no spaces, I'll include the translations.

Tyler: ilicu (I like you)
iluvu (I love you)
Grandma: Good job. You are so smart.
Tyler: yesiem (Yes, I am)
(At this point, Grandma had left the room for a bit. I was now back in the room & told him this. Here was his response, to which I had to call & tell her to go back to the computer.)
Tyler: typplez (Type please)
Grandma: Ok--what shall we talk about?
Tyler: pokemon (He spelled that one right)
Grandma: I don't know much about him--what do you know?
Tyler: hawtored (How to read) (I guess he only caught the second part of that one)
Grandma: Yes you do
Tyler: doyo (Do you?)
Grandma: Yes I am reading what you are typing. Do you think I am smart too?
Tyler: yes
(The conversation soon ended after Tyler sent a few more smiley faces & said bye). We enjoyed this & hope you did as well :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trenton's Special Day

There are milestones throughout our lives that make us stop and think various things...whether it is how proud we are, how old we feel, how far we've come, etc., they tend to be inevitable. For us, one of those milestones was last week. Trenton chose to be baptized. We had a great heart-to-heart talk the night before when he wasn't sure if he was really ready. It was so touching to hear my son's desires & feelings. I'm so proud of who he is....even if I don't show that as much as the yelling about his messy room. He really is an amazing boy who has blessed our lives.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Freezer Friendly Request

I started a freezer meals group with a few friends in the area a few months ago. Unfortunately, we have lost a few members as we've gone, but hopefully we'll grow in the near future. So far, I have absolutely loved having this group. Of course it's fun to get with a group of adults once a month (even if it is only for about 30 minutes), but it has also been a huge time saver, money saver, & fun to try new things.

Now, my friends, I have a request. If any of you out there know of any tried & true freezer friendly recipes, please send them my way...via comment, email, etc. I have some in a few cookbooks, but am always looking for more ideas...especially since my taste buds are currently on strike!

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Growing Family

A family down the street from us sold their house recently & needed somewhere to stay. They all stayed with us & a great time was had by all for the past 2 weeks. Their parents joined us the first week, then worked on moving & stayed in the Northern end of the state this past week while the kids stayed here. We will have the kids (2 boys, 1 girl) here while they finish school next week also. One of their children is in Trenton's class at school. I was telling him to be sure to watch out for his "new brothers & sister". As he agreed that he'd stick up for her if ever necessary, she then replied, "Yeah, and if anyone tries to bug him, I'll punch 'em!" We all had a good laugh...especially since she is about 7 inches taller than Trenton & 50% Tongan.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of our growing family, please feel free to check out the progress on the side of the main blog page for baby updates for the next approx. 8 months. Haven't been to the doctor yet, but so long as "the stick" is right, according to calculations, baby #3 should be due about January 14th :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kids Say...

Sometimes my kids will pop out with the darndest things. Some just downright funny & others that I'm pretty proud of & hope will stick with them for life. The other night was one of those proud moments. A friend of ours was in our kitchen. Tyler was looking for something in the fridge. Here's how their conversation went:

Friend: Are you looking for something?
Tyler: Looking for a drink (looking at the rootbeer)
Friend: How about a beer? Ya want some beer?
Tyler: No! We don't drink beer.
Friend: Why not.
Tyler: Because that's not how we get to Jesus.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No cheese with my whine

I'm sorry, but sometimes we all have to do whatever you want to call it....vent, complain, gripe, whine, etc. Today, that's exactly what I'm going to do. Many of you have probably heard my whining on this particular topic (mobile home park manager), so feel free to stop reading now. If you're feeling at all competitive, vindictive, etc. as I am and would like to try brainstorming with me, please read on. WARNING: This will very likely be drawn out, lengthy, & a bunch of scattered thoughts.

As most of you know, I live in a mobile home park. Frankly, I don't think the house itself is all that bad. I do try to remind myself that although we want something bigger & better, we are lucky that we have what we do. And whether many will admit it or not, there is a stigma when you live in a trailer park. And yet, these are only a few among the many reasons right now that I want out.

We purchased this home in about November of 2001 and put it up for sale about 1-1.5 years later. After a few years being on the market without much success at all (which at the time we believed was due to the market in the area, surrounding competition, and our lack of funds to "fix it up"), we finally decided to have the trailer shipped about 350 miles away to a better market in hopes of getting it sold. This was in May of 2006. We found a lot to have it put on, unfortunately, another rented lot. I wish we had the knowledge at the time that we do now, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The manager of the park we moved it into told us enough questionable things to put on the application that we should have dropped it immediately. But, it was the only place I could find at the time. And of course I fell easily into the trap when she told me she'd get my place sold at about $15-25,000 higher than what we were hoping for. It wasn't until months later she said we'd need to pay her. This somehow didn't seem right and nothing was happening, so we hired a realtor. Within the next year we had 5 serious offers. Not a single one of them was approved by the manager of the park. She claims it was all based on "credit worthiness". Interesting considering that a few were cash offers. In other words, if they were to default on rent payments, the park would take over ownership of the house and be able to sell it for their own profit...I can't see how they'd lose. But, when people have their own contracts, it seems they can get away with about anything.

As fate would have it, in November 2007 we ended up moving back into the house. We planned to work slowly to improve it in hopes of catching the eye of a potential buyer. Meanwhile in the spring of 2008, we finally had a buyer be approved for residency in the park. He put an offer on the house which we accepted, but it was conditional upon the sale of his condo first...never happened, he withdrew his offer.

In the span of the 1.5 years we've resided in the current park, we feel as if we're in a prison. I desperately want to get it sold & yet I feel guilty at the thought of selling to anyone I know or may ever see again, knowing what they may be getting into. The manager of the park has one of the worst reputations I've ever seen.

Just to name a few things that have gotten under our skin...she has given us 7-day eviction warnings when we have a few rocks in the gutter (they made everyone put rocks in their front yards, no grass), notices for having a few boxes on the porch within 1 day of them being shipped to us by UPS for Mike's work, parking violations for being in the public parking places, chained off the empty lot next to our lot and put a $100 fine sign on it for trespassing, chained off the end of the street (which gives us a good chuckle each time the firemen come & cut it down to get through), notices for having a few weeds in the yard with a warning of a future bill if they come pull them before we do, and the list goes on and on. We were also told to stop running a business from our home, which we are not doing. Mike has a work van which is parked in our carport and receives a weekly shipment of boxes as there is not an office in our town. We try to move all these boxes to a storage unit ASAP. But we do not sell anything that is used for his employment. When we explained this to the manager, she told us she would talk to the owner about our situation & get back to us. Who knew that getting back to us would be in the form of a letter from the owner's attorney demanding that we cease doing business from our home. The funniest part of that letter was the vague line of "you may also be in violation of other rules and regulations". Hmmm...does that mean that can sue us in the future for whatever they feel like picking out of the woodwork by throwing that in? Can they really get away with being so vague? She also told us one time that if she found the kids' scooters in our front yard again she'd come throw them away and that we had to get rid of their bikes & toys that were in our back/side yard. Seriously? They're kids. It's a mobile home park. Do you really think we're going to go spend thousands to get a shed? She has also yelled at a few neighborhood kids for playing in the street....a street that contains no sidewalks & no grass in the front yards. Where are they supposed to play? Ride bikes on the rocks? All because it says no kids in street in the contract. These are only a few of the ridiculous warnings received by our family as well as others. There are many other things she has harassed other families with including claims of extortion by other families. I just don't see how 30+ families could be wrong time after time, likely a higher number knowing that many won't voice their concerns for fear of retaliation. The police have actually investigated this woman but refuse to arrest her until they have more "solid evidence". Oh, so it's ok to let all these families continue to live in this hell-ish prison? Right!!

So as you can see, it's a continual frustration to be here, fear on the part of many, so we try to just avoid her. Well, this week I finally had to confront the "beast". We decided that if by some unfortunate, horrid twist of fate we are stuck here for another 8 years, we have to at least re-finance to get our loan amount down. Our original loan was set up terribly!! (again, ya live, ya learn). The mortgage process is difficult enough when you receive a 1099. Go figure, the manager just made it harder. The lender that finally approved our re-fi needed some information from Maria, which I later found out was the rules & regulations. Not sure yet if there was any other. In my mind, rules & regs should be public knowledge. I received an email from the lender saying they couldn't get a hold of her & that she wasn't returning calls from their messages. I asked two people living nearby to go in with me (since Mike is working all week), just as a back-up to be sure she didn't throw anything else at me. Both of them were not comfortable going since she could retaliate against them just by seeing them. Geez! What a reputation! So, I finally wrote the contact information down for the lender & went in the office with my heart pounding. I've never met anyone who is harder to talk to in my life! I actually stooped lower than I said I would & played all nice just to get this done. I thought it went better than expected & she said she would call. I saw her later that day & she said the lender was not there, so she left a message. I thought the lender would take care of it from there. I then got an email again today from the lender. They said they had talked to her & she refused to provide information they needed. I was livid!! This is my re-fi. It has nothing to do with her. All she has to do is provide information that should be public. What the crap??? If this had anything to do with the sale of my home, I'm armed with more knowledge of what is illegal. Unfortunately, she had to take it in a different direction yet again to where it's right on the line...doesn't seem right, but what can one do? It's a constant, vicious roller coaster cycle like that here.

So here is my plea for anyone who may still be reading this. If you had any ideas strike you of what I or anyone else residing here may do to gain back some legal & human rights, please let me know. I'd love to know if there is anything we haven't tried yet...or some loophole to get through it all.

Meanwhile, if you know of anyone who is strong willed & has no problem following all the rules, whether they are ridiculous or not, that may be interested in a mobile home that looks great & has had many improvements done, please send them to:

All I ask now, is please keep us in your prayers. I hope that doesn't sound selfish or worldly, but I'm ready to move on from this and settle with my family in a new neighborhood.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ketchup on March's top 10

OK, so this really has nothing to do with ketchup. I'm just playing "catch-up" on being behind on a few posts. I left my camera at my mom's house for awhile. My awesome brother came to visit & brought it back to me. So, here are some of the highlights from the past few weeks.

1. Tyler has taken a huge interest in the piano recently. He has even started to compose his own songs. He's not far into it yet, but it's so cute to see him actually writing the notes on paper & playing the notes over & over while brainstorming what will come next. The first song I taught him was Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater. I think Trenton was a little jealous, so Tyler then taught Trenton how to play. I just loved how he put his fingers on top of Trenton's fingers to show him exactly which notes he was supposed to play.
2. I actually had both boys peacefully (if only for a few moments) doing chores together. May miracles never cease!!3. I finally painted what is hopefully the last room in this house....the kids room. They finally agreed on some colors. The hardest part for them is they wanted to go bold, but I wanted to stay fairly neutral for the purpose of selling the house while still adding character & warmth. They chose gobi desert (beige) for 3 walls & Americana blue for the wall with the bay window.
4. Next up was a trip to visit my family. Grandma made an especially fun St. Patrick's Day breakfast complete with green food & hats for the boys.
5. Tyler decided Grandma's bathtub makes a great reading spot.6. A Peter, Peter duet with Grandma:7. A visit to see Great Grandma:8. Back home again, on March 28th, my brother Chad & my friends Amanda & Greg came from Northern Utah. Along with them, Trenton & I participated in a 5K to benefit ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Tyler ran in the kids 1K but refused to actually run until Uncle Chad joined him. I won't actually put my race time on here as it was kinda pathetic (but at least I finished...that was my main expectation). I prefer to blame it on the lovely sickness in the weeks before the race, or the uphill climb the second half of the race. Maybe if my stomach isn't so queasy next time & I don't spend so much time leaning over the side of the trail & garbage cans, I may just do a bit better. Anyway, Trenton was amazing! He ran the entire time & beat me by 10 minutes. So much for telling him we'd wait & go at the speed he wanted!9. In the days following the race, it was back to the house projects. The only thing we completed was replacing the outdoor carpet on the stairs & porch in front & back. We had more on the list, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. Thanks so much to Greg for all his help! We also thought we had a good start on the new counter tops until a mis-hap caused the counter to tear. Oops!! So, we'll be hiring extra help on that one!
10. Finally, we'd like to introduce the newest member of our flock, Dewie:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blue for Boys??

OK, here's your warning. If you don't like hearing about feminine products, close this now. (nope, it's not graphic.) Sorry if you consider this over-sharing, but it's just too funny to not share.

To fully understand this, you will need to have read the previous post about Tyler's back wound. I have been keeping it moist with Neosporin, gauze & wrapping him in an ace wrap. It's just too large for a bunch of band-aids. Well, I was running out of gauze, so Mike suggested using feminine hygiene pads. Hmm...he has had many crazy ideas, but that one actually made sense! They work great! Tonight as I was re-wrapping Tyler, I asked him to go get the pink box out from under my bathroom sink. OK, some of you may know that some pads are wrapped in little pink wrappers & some in blue. Just so happened I had both in the pink box. Tyler said, "Mom, there is only one boy one left." I had no idea what he was talking about until he pulled out a blue wrapper. I told him we needed two to cover his sores. He then said, "Ooooh, a girl one", as he pulled a pink wrapper from the box. The look on Mike's face by this time was priceless! Oh, the stories we'll have to tell when this poor kid is older! Tyler also requested that we put the boy one on his back first. He even asked me how to put it on so he could do it himself.

Boys will be Boys

How is it that boys seem to so easily find things that will hurt them? Is it just a boy thing? That's all we know around here!

Yesterday Tyler came in the house crying so hard he could barely get the words out to tell me what happened. Apparently a few neighbor boys had moved the slide from the dirt hill in the backyard to higher up where it would have a jump at the bottom on an area that is sort of terraced. Basically the bottom of the slide ended just before the top of a cinder block wall. When Tyler went down the slide, he didn't land on the dirt below. Instead, his back scraped all along the edge of the cinder block.

After I got him cleaned up, he kept telling me to "put his skin back on". Poor kid is kinda sore!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Junk In My Trunk

OK, the truth is finally out...we are dumpster divers. Not to the extent of seriously digging through anything disgusting, but when we see something good, we're not afraid to go after it. Most recently at our storage unit we have found quite a few treasures. Among them are a leather ottoman, a mini fridge and plastic storage bins. Nearly all these items have been in new or nearly perfect condition. Today when we went to storage, we saw a few things next to the dumpster and a few others in the dumpster...good thing Tyler is still light (great little helper).

As we were loading our latest finds into the back of the van, Tyler said, "Junk, trunk...hey, I made a rhyme!" Mike said, "You have junk in your trunk?" It was so funny to hear Tyler repeating, "I have junk in my trunk!" Here are some of today's treasures:

Do as I say, not as I do!

Ever caught yourself saying something similar to "Do as I say, not as I do" ? The other day, Mike was doing target practice with the Nerf dart gun. He later told Trenton that he could practice with his stuffed animals, but not with his brother.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indoor Boarding

What is a kid to do when he isn't allowed to go outside to play & isn't allowed to ride his skateboard inside for mom's fear of it scratching the wood floors? Here's Trenton's solution: just add some padding (slippers) to the wheels.

A new use for food storage

I wondered when I started to store some of our food storage in the kids' closet if this would ever cause any "issues". I got my answer yesterday. It has now been taken over by the stuffed animals with Tyler's help. He thought they needed to eat too. There are only a few in the picture. These were scattered all over the room.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trenton's Priorities

Trenton decided to make his own to-do list the other day....all on his own. He then taped it to the wall in his bedroom. Here is it:

To Do:
Clean room
Turn eight
Buy a house and get rid of the manager

Like to do:
Go swimming
Go to work
Play w/a friend
Get a new bed

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things I've Learned

I thought I'd take just a moment to share some of the things I have learned this week...some on my own, some with the help of my children.

1. You should love your mom
(overheard Tyler telling this to a little friend when she said she didn't like her mom...proud moment for me!)

2. Children who live in snow-deprived regions of the country will still find a way to make a snowman...even if it is just the head.
(This was created by Tyler using cottage cheese, raisins & a pretzel.)

3. When a child is sick, you better find a garbage before it's too late.
(Apparently Smith's doesn't have enough of them around...learned from Trenton)

4. Grandpa Jim makes the world's best beef.
(Trenton informed me of this...he suddenly remembered the Christmas prime rib)

5. Plastic should never be stored in the drawer under the oven.
(I am getting old....nuff said?)

6. I'm not as tall as I thought I was. Then again, I haven't measured myself in YEARS! That, or I'm shrinking in my old age. Or I suppose another possibility is the fact that my feet have grown 2 sizes in the past 7 years must mean that it is all coming off the top!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself how much you have changed through the years? I don't mean just the wrinkles, the extra pounds & extra skin that magically appear, but all the little things too. For example, I grew up the only girl with 3 brothers. Now, I have 2 boys of my own. (Will I always be outnumbered?) I never was a "girly girl". I never dressed up like a princess. I never really cared about makeup until my late 20's. I never enjoyed shopping. I hated panty hose and any other sort of "girly undergarments". I typically owned only 2 pairs of pair of sneakers to wear all week & one pair of Sunday shoes...and I was perfectly content with that.

Now fast forward to today. I found myself soooo excited when the UPS man brought me a box that contained my recently ordered boots. I thought they were so cute! Granted, I have no idea how long it will take to learn to walk in them. Never being a girly girl, I obviously wasn't much into wearing heels. Then after 2 foot surgeries 12 years ago, I have very, very slowly worked into heels...probably more to look my age than anything since I stand a whopping 5 feet tall without heels. I bought a pair of black boots about a year ago that were all of approx a 2 to 2-1/2 inch heel. Now these new ones, as cute as they may be, are at least 1 inch higher than the previous boots....and I walk like a penguin! But, they're cute, and for some odd reason, maybe just the fact that I have changed over the years, I am determined to learn how to walk in my new boots :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Moon Sand

I am officially NOT a fan of moon sand!

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Christmas Promise (another book review)

The Christmas Promise The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
OK, another "feel good" book, but not one of my favorites. I enjoyed the story, but it seemed to take quite awhile (about the middle of the book) to reach any sort of climax and get me very intrigued. I found this book difficult to follow at times as the characters & perspectives changed simply from paragraph to paragraph rather than separation by chapters or some sort of marking, etc. Maybe I'm just a novice when it comes to reading much, but I'd like to see more than just a few extra spaces between the paragraphs to know where I'm going with it.

Now, don't let any of that scare you away from this one. It had a great message and I did enjoy how different the characters were & how they eventually all tied together. I wish we had more "Miss Glorys" in the world and that I could be more like her as well. The next book in this series that I have (I believe I am missing one) is The Christmas Hope. Funny that it should be called that as that was the main feeling I got from The Christmas Promise. Guess I'll have to read that one now & see how they compare.

View all my reviews.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ready to Read?

Tyler received a new CTR ring on Sunday in his class at church. For those of you of a different faith, CTR stands for "Choose the Right". Trenton also likes to add in that backward it stands for "Return to Jesus." Just a good reminder to have. Tyler informed me that it doesn't spell choose the right. He said, "It spells cutter." He sounded it out very slowly for me. "c-t-rrr, cutter." Guess it's time to be more ambitious in getting him to read!

Tyler's Birthday Party

Once Trenton started telling Tyler all about his 4th birthday party with friends, it was a little hard to get out of having one for Tyler. Granted, most of the kids there were still closer to Trenton's age than Tyler's, but at least he has the memories now. We waited to have the party until 5 days after his birthday as Mike would be off work & be the "entertainment". He is our balloon tier. He thought at a 5-year-old's party many kids would be thrilled with balloon animals. Who knew the most requested item would be "balloon swords"? And who knew that balloon sword fights could be so loud? The cupcake "sculpture" is also pictured. Though simple, it turned out better than my attempt at cake decorating this year, so it's the only one we'll show :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ponchito is 5

On December 31st, Tyler turned a whopping 5 years old! Ever since Trenton's birthday in May, he has been requesting that we go to Don Pedro's mexican restaurant for his birthday dinner. He really wanted to wear the sombrero, be sung to & get free dessert. They sang "Happy Birtday, little ponchito," to him. As we were leaving the restaurant, Tyler said, "Just call me Ponchito." He was also lucky this year to get one of his wishes...Grandma, Pa & Uncle Brian came to visit!