Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tyler's writings to Grandma

My apologies to any of you who might be regular readers of this blog. I realize I'm way behind on posting anything. We are still alive. Nausea practically 24/7 with this new baby has kept me from being in the mood to do just about everything. Mike pointed out that it's time to post & suggested this since we got such a kick out of it.

A couple days ago, I was instant messing my mom on the computer & sending her messages from the boys. I then left the room & Tyler took over on the computer & decided to send a few messages on his own. Since not all of his messages may be completely clear as he spells phonetically & with no spaces, I'll include the translations.

Tyler: ilicu (I like you)
iluvu (I love you)
Grandma: Good job. You are so smart.
Tyler: yesiem (Yes, I am)
(At this point, Grandma had left the room for a bit. I was now back in the room & told him this. Here was his response, to which I had to call & tell her to go back to the computer.)
Tyler: typplez (Type please)
Grandma: Ok--what shall we talk about?
Tyler: pokemon (He spelled that one right)
Grandma: I don't know much about him--what do you know?
Tyler: hawtored (How to read) (I guess he only caught the second part of that one)
Grandma: Yes you do
Tyler: doyo (Do you?)
Grandma: Yes I am reading what you are typing. Do you think I am smart too?
Tyler: yes
(The conversation soon ended after Tyler sent a few more smiley faces & said bye). We enjoyed this & hope you did as well :)