Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

This week at Trenton's school is Red Ribbon Week (drug free education week). They do some sort of fun twist each day to help the kids remember fun ways to say no. Today's theme was "Don't Get Mixed Up on Drugs." They were invited to wear miss matched clothes & have crazy hair. Trenton wanted to have a it is!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Blogger, Dentist appt.

OK, so I'm completely new to this "blogging thing". I've had many friends recently encouraging me to give it a shot. So, here I am....feeling completely uninspired & uncreative. But, when something exciting does happen, I'll do my best to remember to put it on here for our friends & family to see. Honestly, probably the hardest part will be remembering to get recent pics on here.

We'll start off our blog with the most exciting event for the day. Tyler and the dentist. We've tried to take Tyler to the dentist at least 1-2 times the past 3 years. Each time, he would stick out & stiffen his arms & legs in an attempt to not go through any doorways. Once inside, it was a lot of kicking & screaming. Basically every dentist realized very quickly he wasn't going to let them even put a finger inside his mouth. Well, today I did my best to psych him up for it. He has expressed interest in wanting a new toothbrush. I told him if he was a good boy & let the dentist work on his teeth without a fight, he would earn one. Even if the dentist didn't give him one, I certainly would do it on my own at that point. Well, may miracles never cease...he calmly walked into the exam room, hopped into the chair on his own, laid down, and let the assistant take x-rays, clean his teeth, floss & apply fluoride. He even let the dentist check his teeth. We actually had to tell him he could shut his mouth when he was all done. He was amazing! And luckily, the dentist even gave him a really cool new toothbrush..even his favorite color. It was a big day for little Tyler. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of this event. Maybe next time :)