Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indoor Boarding

What is a kid to do when he isn't allowed to go outside to play & isn't allowed to ride his skateboard inside for mom's fear of it scratching the wood floors? Here's Trenton's solution: just add some padding (slippers) to the wheels.

A new use for food storage

I wondered when I started to store some of our food storage in the kids' closet if this would ever cause any "issues". I got my answer yesterday. It has now been taken over by the stuffed animals with Tyler's help. He thought they needed to eat too. There are only a few in the picture. These were scattered all over the room.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trenton's Priorities

Trenton decided to make his own to-do list the other day....all on his own. He then taped it to the wall in his bedroom. Here is it:

To Do:
Clean room
Turn eight
Buy a house and get rid of the manager

Like to do:
Go swimming
Go to work
Play w/a friend
Get a new bed

Friday, February 6, 2009

Things I've Learned

I thought I'd take just a moment to share some of the things I have learned this week...some on my own, some with the help of my children.

1. You should love your mom
(overheard Tyler telling this to a little friend when she said she didn't like her mom...proud moment for me!)

2. Children who live in snow-deprived regions of the country will still find a way to make a snowman...even if it is just the head.
(This was created by Tyler using cottage cheese, raisins & a pretzel.)

3. When a child is sick, you better find a garbage before it's too late.
(Apparently Smith's doesn't have enough of them around...learned from Trenton)

4. Grandpa Jim makes the world's best beef.
(Trenton informed me of this...he suddenly remembered the Christmas prime rib)

5. Plastic should never be stored in the drawer under the oven.
(I am getting old....nuff said?)

6. I'm not as tall as I thought I was. Then again, I haven't measured myself in YEARS! That, or I'm shrinking in my old age. Or I suppose another possibility is the fact that my feet have grown 2 sizes in the past 7 years must mean that it is all coming off the top!!