Thursday, December 31, 2009

She's Here!!

Well I guess we're good at getting tax write offs instead of free diapers for the New Years baby. December 31st was Tyler's 6th birthday. We started the day off bright & early by welcoming our newest family member.

Annie Lyn Mailliard
December 31st
4:10 AM
18 inches
5 pounds

I have a great appreciation for medicinal technologies that can assist with pain. Unfortunately I didn't get to take advantage of any of that. That's not to say I didn't want any, just couldn't have any due to allergies. So she arrived entirely "drug free". It was an incredibly painful experience, but I have a new sense of what I can accomplish having gone through it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Growing....

I had another visit with the doc today. Aside from my continually dislocating & incredibly painful pelvis & frequent contractions, all is going well. I'm soooo ready for this baby to be here (except the fact of so much shopping left to do for her. I haven't even bought diapers yet!!), but apparently she is still not quite ready. I am only dilated 1 cm. I must remind myself we are lucky that she is still growing where it is best for her to be, whether I am insanely uncomfortable or not. For those of you too far away to enjoy seeing my ever growing bump, I have included a picture at 35 weeks. (It's even scarier underneath with the increasing number of stretch marks creeping higher each day.) Hopefully this will be the last update before we post some pics of our new little one :)