Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blue for Boys??

OK, here's your warning. If you don't like hearing about feminine products, close this now. (nope, it's not graphic.) Sorry if you consider this over-sharing, but it's just too funny to not share.

To fully understand this, you will need to have read the previous post about Tyler's back wound. I have been keeping it moist with Neosporin, gauze & wrapping him in an ace wrap. It's just too large for a bunch of band-aids. Well, I was running out of gauze, so Mike suggested using feminine hygiene pads. Hmm...he has had many crazy ideas, but that one actually made sense! They work great! Tonight as I was re-wrapping Tyler, I asked him to go get the pink box out from under my bathroom sink. OK, some of you may know that some pads are wrapped in little pink wrappers & some in blue. Just so happened I had both in the pink box. Tyler said, "Mom, there is only one boy one left." I had no idea what he was talking about until he pulled out a blue wrapper. I told him we needed two to cover his sores. He then said, "Ooooh, a girl one", as he pulled a pink wrapper from the box. The look on Mike's face by this time was priceless! Oh, the stories we'll have to tell when this poor kid is older! Tyler also requested that we put the boy one on his back first. He even asked me how to put it on so he could do it himself.

Boys will be Boys

How is it that boys seem to so easily find things that will hurt them? Is it just a boy thing? That's all we know around here!

Yesterday Tyler came in the house crying so hard he could barely get the words out to tell me what happened. Apparently a few neighbor boys had moved the slide from the dirt hill in the backyard to higher up where it would have a jump at the bottom on an area that is sort of terraced. Basically the bottom of the slide ended just before the top of a cinder block wall. When Tyler went down the slide, he didn't land on the dirt below. Instead, his back scraped all along the edge of the cinder block.

After I got him cleaned up, he kept telling me to "put his skin back on". Poor kid is kinda sore!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Junk In My Trunk

OK, the truth is finally out...we are dumpster divers. Not to the extent of seriously digging through anything disgusting, but when we see something good, we're not afraid to go after it. Most recently at our storage unit we have found quite a few treasures. Among them are a leather ottoman, a mini fridge and plastic storage bins. Nearly all these items have been in new or nearly perfect condition. Today when we went to storage, we saw a few things next to the dumpster and a few others in the dumpster...good thing Tyler is still light (great little helper).

As we were loading our latest finds into the back of the van, Tyler said, "Junk, trunk...hey, I made a rhyme!" Mike said, "You have junk in your trunk?" It was so funny to hear Tyler repeating, "I have junk in my trunk!" Here are some of today's treasures:

Do as I say, not as I do!

Ever caught yourself saying something similar to "Do as I say, not as I do" ? The other day, Mike was doing target practice with the Nerf dart gun. He later told Trenton that he could practice with his stuffed animals, but not with his brother.