Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentines at the Deadwood Saloon

This year we had the pleasure of spending our Valentine's Day (the night before) with a great group of friends. Some creative geniuses (definitely not me!) came up with the idea of having a murder mystery dinner party. They did an AMAZING job! The theme was Murder at the Deadwood Saloon. Everyone was assigned a character ahead of time. My character was Holly Hickok, a gambling southern belle. Mike was Clay Coldwell, basically a gambling cowboy. I am a terrible actress & certainly didn't pull off the accent well, but we still had TONS of fun! I borrowed this picture from one of the gals & here is a link if you'd like to see more on my friend's website. since I forgot my camera. I hope she doesn't mind!!! Her husband is in the picture with me. I was busting up laughing while he was soooo "into character".

Lynn Poulsen for auditor

In case you haven't heard the latest, here it is...My dad is running for Box Elder County Auditor. If you know of anyone who lives in Box Elder County, Utah, please spread the word. He is the most qualified candidate for the job, in addition to being an amazing man. You can see his resume on his website: Lynn Poulsen for Box Elder County Auditor It's great to know someone trustworthy is running for an office & I know he will do great things for the community. Best of Luck, Dad! We love you!

Also, if you are a member of Facebook, be sure to find "Lynn Poulsen for Box Elder County auditor" & become a fan to show your support!